The new project of our studio ” Rising ” is a bright modern positive apartment. We changed the space there fundamentally and decided such complicated tasks as bathroom increasing, setting up a dressing room and building a housekeeping area. What is more important, we created a spacious and bright living room, where a cylindrical author’s construction made from metal and grid occupies the main place above a dining table. It serves as a grand chandelier. The niche for clothes is closed by a sliding wooden hangar door, painted in sky blue color in the hallway. The bed on the podium will be a good place to watch movies using a home cinema projector in the children’s room. And the most interesting place in the apartment is probably the lounge-zone with a mirrored ceiling … It can be a great place for selfies and solitude. The color scheme is not accidental. All colors in the interiors complement and emphasize each other. The general idea is light, space, purity and out-of-the-box solutions.

Design: Ira Lysiuk “LYSIUK architects“
Visualizer: Ira Lysiuk “LYSIUK architects“