This project was uneasy because the foundations were already under construction and the planning was completely developed. We were forced to step back from this technical task.And as you know, it’s always harder to recast than to project starting from the scratch. In addition, the walling material whole timber imposed additional restrictions…It does not allow to carry out such constructions, as, for example, reinforced-concrete. We designed two main holiday homes, two pavilions, and a sauna with an exit directly to the pond. But despite this, the project turned out to be modern, stylish and ergonomic. Due to black color, accents from the strips of thermally modified wood, gabion fence, this complex has become modern. The main building’s emphasis is a large corner window, which offers a magnificent view of Lake Svitiaz

Architect: Ira Lysiuk “LYSIUK architects”
Visualizer: Ira Lysiuk “LYSIUK architects”