Bubble Bar cafeteria

From drawing sketches to seeing them come to life, working on this project has been a delight. Bubble Bar is a cafeteria that specializes in cooking some extraordinary desіerts, namely, the Hong-Kong waffles, dark ice-cream and berry-flavoured candyfloss. The main goal was to create a design that is delicate, scrumptious, light and modern. Thus an idea came to mind to embellish the interior design of the cafeteria with pastose technique. Pink, vanilla and mint colors were used to make the observer think that the artist may have used an ice-cream cone as a brush.

Design: Iryna Lysiuk (‘LYSIUK architects’)
Artist: Yurii Chajka (‘The ROOM’)
Furnishing: Volodymyr Zharonin
Photographer: Iryna Gurtovenko

The site is located on the premises of the new entertainment and leisure complex Promin (Light Beam). The complex has been re-opened recently after a reconstruction, in the course of which a Soviet film theatre had been turned into a multifunctional building. The object I have been working on is located on the ground floor, next to the Multiplex cinema and concert house. In 10 square meters of space, we have managed to mount a comfortable working area for the staff of the cafeteria and to fence the entrance to it with the help of the sliding doors that seem to melt into the front façade.

Yurii Chajka was an artist who lent his talent to make my idea come true by helping me to choose the finishing materials. He decided to employ the technique of palette knife pastose painting. In order to make the cafeteria look modern, a frame made of metal was used and we decide to decorate it with grates. That was partly dictated by a need to protect the bar counter’s façade.

The lighting is both terse and bright. Its function is to emphasize the translucence and delicacy of the site. All parties contributing to the construction of the object were on the same page, understanding each other without a word. We worked together as a team from the very beginning until we have seen the project completed. Thus, the difficulties that we have faced were quite a few. Our friendly team has managed to create a real place of attraction for all those who have a sweet tooth.