Design project

Project scope:

  • Quantity survey.
  • Dismantling of walls and partitions.
  • Structural erection.
  • Project after re-planning.
  • Furniture disposition.
  • Plumbing fixtures location plan.
  • Wiring diagram.
  • Lighting plan.
  • Ceiling plan.
  • Flooring plan.
  • Dimensioning door openings.
  • Exploded view of walls.
  • Floor tile layout.
  • Part drawing (custom-made furniture or others).
  • Material and equipment specifications.
  • Calculation of necessary materials and equipment.
  • 3D visualization.

Organization of work:

  1. Departure to the place, measurements, filling in the technical assignment, obtaining references.
  2. Development of planning solutions with sketches, collages.
  3. Performing 3D visualizations.
  4. Performing drawings.
  5. Printing of a ready design project.
  6. Help in choosing materials and in project implementation.

Architectural design

Project scope:

  • General plan.
  • Brickwork plan of floors.
  • Furniture disposition and building specifications.
  • Cutaway drawing.
  • Facades.
  • Roofing plan.
  • 3D exterior visualization.